Challenger Program

The Challenger Program is designed to assist you in every way possible to complete a post-secondary education at the University of Houston.

What services are offered?

  • Tutoring - Tutors are available to assist you in a wide variety of academic subjects. You are encouraged to seek tutoring assistance as needed.
  • Counseling - Academic and personal counseling are available to meet specific needs on an individual or group basis.
  • Academic Instruction - A Reading, Writing, and Study Skills college credit course (3 hours) is available to provide academic support and group learning sessions that will strengthen your basic learning skills.
  • Financial Aid Advisement - The Challenger Program staff will try to help ensure that your financial needs are met so that you may continue your post secondary education.
  • Social Enrichment - Supportive programs such as campus social gatherings and opportunities to attend cultural events are a part of what the program offers.

What are the specific benefits of the Challenger Program?

The Challenger Program offers an array of unique programs that are educationally and intellectually enriching. The Challenger Program also helps to develop a positive attitude towards academic and personal goals, which essentially help you to get through college a little easier, to help you balance your life as a college student.

What are the requirements for admission?

Interested applicants must:

  • Be currently enrolled at the University of Houston
  • Be faced with academic obstacles and/or without adequate financial assistance to complete a post-secondary education or physically handicapped, and/or come from a home where neither parent has earned a college degree.
  • Be a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident.
  • Be willing to attend a scheduled orientation prior to registration.
  • Have a sincere desire to complete degree program at the University of Houston.

How to apply

Applications for admission to the Challenger Program are available in the Challenger Office located on the third floor of the Student Service Center, or you can call (713) 743-5420, and one will be mailed to you.

After the application is completed and returned, a personal interview may be arranged once we have contacted you by mail.

Any qualified applicant not admitted to the program during the first year can be place on a waiting list or re-apply.

For More Information, contact:

Challenger Program 319 Student Service Center 1
Houston, TX 77204-3025
(713) 743-5420