Measurement and Evaluation Center

The mission of Measurement & Evaluation Center (MEC) is to improve the quality of education and programs on campus through comprehensive evaluation services to the UH community and local public and private organizations.

It Offers

  • Research support, and consultation for data collection, focus group facilitation, survey design and administration, interviews, and the design and administration of web surveys.
  • Faculty focused support through course evaluation, exam scoring, and consultation for test development and validation.
  • Consulation and support for outcome assessment, and program evaluation of goals and objectives.


MEC performs a large volume of scanning for various constituencies on and off campus. This includes scanning for academic, research, and administrative purposes, as well as for other university/community support, averaging 41,000 documents per month.

  • Student Satisfaction and Needs Assessment
  • Staff Needs Assessment
  • Graduating Student Surveys: Bachelor's and Graduate/Professional
  • Procurement and Auxiliary Services Survey
  • Major Texas bank Leadership and Team Feedbak Questionnaire
  • University of Texas Health Science Center Client Satisfaction Survey
  • Texas Psychological Association Continuing Education Program Survey
  • Fort Bend County Opinion Questionnaire

Measurement and Evaluation Center